ReBoot Your Fat Loss Diet

with leanOS

Your New Rapid Fat Loss Operating System

  • Nutrition PhD Developed Fat Loss Progam 
  • Eat Meals You Crave.
  • Personlzed Troubleshooting Strategies & Tips
  • 15 Weeks of Videos Coaching with Dr. Mike Roussell

leanOS + MetaShred

The leanOS program is a combination of the Dr. Mike's MetaShred Diet book and a 5 week multi-media coaching program. This creates a synergistic fat loss envroment that mimics working with Dr. Mike directly.


Dr. Mike built the leanOS on the foundations of deceades of science and not the latest fads. Using his 'modular meal plan' system you can pick and choose only the meals that you will look forward to eating. This is the most enjoyable 10-15lbs your will ever lose!


Dr. Mike an his team of RDs and PhDs are here to answer all your questions. Inside the leanOS coaching area you can post quesitons and comments after each of the lessons for them to answer.


Science driven fat loss is a fuction of the right foods, at the right times, in the right amounts. But don't forget the importance of support, guidance, and lifestyle support. These factors, seamlessly woven into the leanOS program, take the brakes off your fat loss - allowing you to fully realize your fat loss potential.


The leanOS program is a combination of Dr. Mike's MetaShred Diet, made famous by Men's Health Magazine, and the leanOS online coaching and education portal. The MetaShred Diet contains the recipe and meal plan details while the leanOS coaching and eduction portal contains a 5 week multimedia coaching proram that takes you by the virtual hand and walks you through everything you need to do to lose maximum body fat in just 4 weeks.

Pre-Shred: Before You Start The program opens with showing you how to set up your leanOS meal plan, build your first menu, and align your diet with an exercise program that will supercharge yoru results. 

Week 2: Starting Your Fat Loss Sprint This week opens with lessons that cover the importance of protein for fat loss, how to upgrade your sleep for better weight loss, and how to successfully navigate eating out. 

Week 3: Gaining Momentum This week we'll cover how to successfully use nutrition audibles, managing stress to accelerate fat loss, and making changes to your diet to maintain your progress. 

Week 4: Sustaining Maximum Fat Loss As This week starts our efforts to sustain our rate of fat loss. You'll learn to do this by leveraging social support, 3 keys to optimizing the consistency of your efforts, and the importance of the Hierarchy of Fat Loss.

Week 5: Final Fat Loss Surge In the final week you'll learn how to cemet into yoru life key behavior changes, how to feel more full while eating less and what you do after you finish the leanOS program. 

Step 1: Get MetaShred Book

  • Paint by Numbers Simple Meal Plans
  • Completely Individualized Plans
  • "Eat What You Want" Meal Templates
  • "Too Good to be Good For You" Recipes

Step 2: Enroll in leanOS

  • 5 Weeks of Multimedia Coching with Dr. Mike
  • Weekly 'Action Items' to Supercharge Results
  • Support from Experts and the Community
  • Just $39.99 for Lifetime Access (and Updates)