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Upgrade Your Nutrition Operating System and Never Worry About Dieting Again. 

12 Weeks To A Better Way To Eat For YOUR Life:

Useful Science Based Strategies

Nutrition is the originial fake news. It is hard to know what nutrition advice is based on science or science fiction. The nutritionOS program is grounded in decades of real science that Dr. Mike has been transformed into a progression of simple useful stratigies for your life.

Achieve Goals At Your Pace

Go through the nutritionOS program at your own pace. The bite-sized weekly lessons give you the flexiblity to go through the nutritionOS program at the speed that will set you up for the greatest success. 

360 Wholistic Approach

Your body is an interconnected system. The best approached doesn't seperate nutrition from other behaviors or aspects of you health. You will strengthen your muscles, heart, and mind with the wholistic nutritionOS lifestyle approach. 

Success Focused Nutrition

Discover how to build a success focused nutrition plan that sets you up for success on Day 1! You'll learn Dr. Mike's system for stacking nutritional success day after day until your weight loss and health goals become inevitable. 

Meet nutritionOS Creator: Mike Roussell, PhD

Dr. Mike is known for transforming complex nutritional concepts into practical nutritional habits to make peoples lives better. Dr. Mike holds a degree in biochemistry from Hobart College and a doctorate in nutrition from Pennsylvania State University. He serves on the Advisory Board for Men’s Health, SHAPE magazines, and Dr. Mike has written 4 books, published over 500 articles on nutrition/health, and appeared in over 100 TV segments. His personal mission is to help people use nutrition to power their own personal strong, fit, and healthy life.

Simple, Actionable Nutrition Advice Focused on You.

You don't need another boilerplate meal plan. That won't work. What works are customized nutrition strategies and plans for your daily life - I'll show you how to put these into action.

How nutritionOS Works

The nutritionOS is broken down into 4 modules that contain weekly lessons. Each lesson contains a video with Dr. Mike and supporting text to reinforce the lesson while empowering you with the tools you need to put the lesson into action. At the end of each lesson are specific action items for you to complete and work on that week. This ensures that you are improving your lifestyle nutrition - not just learning more nutrition tips.

Got questions about anything covered in each lesson? You can ask them to Dr. Mike directly from inside the course!

Here's What We'll Cover In Each Section...

Week 1: Foundation Week

This is your nutrition crash course that will ensure you personally have an action oriented plan with specific goals that are important to you.

Weeks 2-4: Launch Plan

This module helps you launch your nutritionOS lifestyle - guiding you through practical meal planning and shopping processes while also showing you how to sync your diet with your exercise program.

Weeks 5-8: Thrival Guide

A blend of thriving and surviving, this module takes your nutrition into the real world showing you how to control you appetite, consistently make quality nutrition choices while eating out and effortlessly control your calorie intake.

Weeks 9-12: Lifestyle Guide

The last module is dedicated to helping you optimize you lifestyle by connecting "all the dots" to support your new nutritionOS methods for a strong, fit, and healthy life.

Nutrition and Weight Loss At Your Own Pace.

Learn directly from Dr. Mike as he walks you through nutritionOS program's action oriented weekly bite-sized lessons. This will get you hyper focused on what matters most with your diet - ensuring your success and long lasting results.

nutritionOS will be released in the upcoming weeks:

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